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Finding Bigfoot

An Adventurist’s Story

December 4, 1823

Yes, I have packed. Yet I am taking with me nothing but my wagon, an axe, a shovel, a tin pan, all my money (15 copper pieces), a pot, my pet bloodhound, Sammy, a sack of salt, a pocketknife, a quill, and my 10 last bottles of sparkling blue ink. For I am heading to the forest, in search of no one but Bigfoot HIMSELF.

December 5, 1823

I am 34 miles away from the forest. I have done my little chores; Feeding Sammy, sharpening my tools, and polishing my pocketknife. I might as well stop at the closest trading post to by some cider, a brand new eagle quill, a pickaxe, and some boar ribs, for Sammy.
I’ll have Sammy hunt for deer while I chop us some firewood, buy a lantern, buy a rope, build a fire, and prepare the appetizers for tonight’s supper. In a few minutes I’ll send Sammy off. Right now we’ll just go find some wood, a hammer, some nails, bricks, cement, paint, a paintbrush, and all the other things you’ll need to build a cottage. I like this little meadow I found. I think I’ll live here, after I’ve found Bigfoot, that is.

December 6, 1823

I’ve bought a camera, so I can take pictures to prove I’ve found Bigfoot.
Sammy and me went into town after supper yesterday to get the stuff for our house. I could buy everything, cause I got a JOB. I get 30 gold pieces a day! But, the job’s pretty hard. I am now an official chef. Isn’t that great? I’ll be rich!

After we got the supplies, we went to sleep. So all day today I was working on the cottage. I got halfway done, so tomorrow I’ll probably get the same amount of progress done.

December 7, 1823

Turnips. I’m so tired. I finished BUILDING the house, but now I have to PAINT IT and ADD ACCESSORIES. I should make a list of what to put in my house.

  • A bed
  • A toilet
  • A kitchen
  • A library
  • A sofa
  • A wooden rocking chair