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Dear Leprechauns

Dear Leprechauns,

Do you remember me? Well I have some fool’s gold that looks like real gold. If you want you can use it to trick people or convince your friends that it’s real. I’ll give you some facts about fool’s gold. Every now and then, fool’s gold changes color. At one point, it will be the color silver. Next, it will be a mixture of the colors silver and gold. Finally, it will be the color gold. And if you want a good laugh, you should really use it to trick people, in my opinion (SO not me, or else I won’t give you anything! EVER AGAIN! Only your friends!) But if you really want the fool’s gold, I’ll leave it on top of the letter, but you’ll have to give me something in return: You’ll have to give me the DS game Nentendogs or whatever it’s called. Santa gave the 3DS version to me this year. Take care!

Julia Turk